Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Thoughts

1. Saw Robin Hood the other day. Had no idea it was supposed to be a prequel. I'm not a Medieval history buff, so I thought it was an alright way to spend a couple of hours. Also, the end credits and some of the music reminded me of The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.

2. Ronnie James Dio died earlier this month. He was older than I thought he was. When I went through my heavy metal phase in high school, he was already in his 40s. I've been meaning to write one of my patented articles linking him to everyone under the sun, but haven't come up with anything satisfying. There are websites devoted to Six Degrees of Black Sabbath but many musical links are tenuous at best.

3. I was reading Chris Jaffe last nite and a thought hit me. The real story of the 1980's Mets isn't that The Bad Guys Won. Jeff Pearlman may be an odious fellow, but that book wasn't too bad. However the real story in my mind was the clash of philosophies between Davey Johnson and the skipper of the rival Cardinals: Whitey Herzog. There may be a book in there somewhere. Johnson's Earl Weaver-type offense has become more common in recent years, but Herzog's bullpen philosophy was more modern. That's just one topic to discuss.

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