Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Martin, Herzog, Murtaugh and Mauch on Hall ballot


One of those names up there isn't like the others. I'd like to hear Chris Jaffe's take on the ballot. Execs and umps are also being considered.

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  1. I would like to see the 3 living candidates get elected - Doug Harvey, Whitey Herzog and Marvin Miller. Harvey was the most respected and most visible umpire of his day. Remember his segment on TWIB? How about that? I once remember him saying he liked to be inducted while his parents were still alive. Now it is probably, I like to be alive when I get inducted. Herzog was the manager of the '80s and a winner. He led those great Royals teams in the 70s and if not for the Yanks, they may have won a title then. And if not for not one bad call, he may have won 2 championships with the Cards. Miller helped change the game forever. Some may not like the changes it led to but the players deserved better after the way they were treated for 100 years. Among the dead, I would like to see Murtaugh, Ruppert and Howsam get elected. Also deserving is Martin, Beardon and O'Day.