Monday, November 9, 2009

Robinson to Russell to Brown

Big Baby Davis wants to join the NFL someday. He's not the first Celtic with pigskin dreams. I was reading Bill Simmons's The Book of Basketball over the weekend. In the part on John Havlicek, Simmons mentions that he was drafted as a receiver by the Cleveland Browns in '62 and was the last player cut before the regular season. Said that Havlicek was the only guy who was a teammate of Bill Russell and Jim Brown. Russell and Jackie Robinson also shared a teammate. In The Echoing Green, Josh Prager mentions that Bill Sharman was on the Dodger bench during their 1951 three game playoff with the Giants. Sharman, of course, went on to a HOF career with the Celtics. I live for stuff like this. Incidentally, Red Auerbach went on to steal another player from the Bavasis (Danny Ainge.)

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