Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And That Happened

Craig Calcaterra deserves partial blame for this blog. When I heard that NBC signed him, I decided to start blogging again. Why? Did I think it would be a path to fame and fortune? I'm not sure, but here we are and I believe that I've written more in the past nine months than I had before. I should have a couple of pieces elsewhere later this week.

Craig still contributes a daily column at his old digs over at The Hardball Times. "And That Happened" is a quick summary of the previous day and nite's ballgames. Today's installment features a script of a skit where Buster Olney plays a college-aged cockblocker. It's pretty funny stuff and material like that might be why Craig is a pro these days.

Did you know that Olney and Josh Wilker of Cardboard Gods fame grew up together in Vermont? As I keep mentioning here, it's a small world.

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