Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tracers: Keith Hernandez Edition

Rob Neyer would do these; even wrote a whole book of them. I was hanging out at BTF last nite (the Factory, not Backyard Tire Fire) and someone mentioned the Second Spitter Seinfeld episode. They said, " They say the game was June 14, 1987, Mets/Phillies, and Keith had blown the game on an error. It turns out that the Mets played the Pirates that day and won 7-4 on with the help of a Hernandez homer." I looked at retrosheet. Against Philly, he had a non-crucial error September 7th. He had one during a tie game vs Pittsburgh on the 18th, but that was at Three Rivers. I don't think that Larry David or whoever wrote the episode cared about the historical accuracy of a midseason baseball game, but it would have been interesting if there was an element of truth to Newman and Kramer's game description. I only checked 1987.

Is Seinfeld part of the Tommy Westphall Universe? I know that there is a tenuous connection between it and Mad About You. Maybe there's a parallel MLB in that universe where Hernandez still won his MVP but blew that game.


  1. Seinfeld's a weird case. They did have Kramer show up on Mad About You, which would tie it in to the Westphall-verse.

    On the other hand:
    1) They did an episode where George didn't like having to watch Mad About You.
    2) Kramer got an acting job playing one of Murphy Brown's secretaries, and Murphy Brown definitely is in the Westphall-verse. (Crossover w/Bob Newhart Show.)
    3) The crossover implies that Jerry had his apartment before Kramer moved in, but we know from Seinfeld it's the other way around.

    Based on the evidence, I wouldn't include Seinfeld in the Westphall Universe, but you could.

  2. Yeah, I wasn't sure how that would work and figured someone who knew more about TV than me could clear things up. My guess is it isn't part of that universe, but the idea of an MLB Prime or whatever you want to call it appealed to me. I also couldn't find an entry for Gendison on retrosheet.

  3. The story eminated from this game

    It's documented in Jeff Pearlman's book "The Bad Guys Won."