Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tom Tango Might Be Happy

I took yesterday off form work due to the fearmongers (weathermen) predicting impeding doom for Central Connecticut. Didn't happen, but I wound up watching a bit of the MLB Network. Saw a couple episodes of "Prime 9." One was on lopsided trades and the other was on leftfielders. Tim Raines came in 9th, ahead of some Hall of Famers like Jim Rice, Lou Brock, Willie Stargell, Joe Medwick, and Billy Williams. THe only one who seemed out of place was Ralph Kiner at #8. The most glaring omission was Shoeless Joe, but I can understand why he might not've been included. MLB Networks list:

1. Williams
2. Bonds
3. Musial
4. Henderson
5. Ramirez
6. Yaz
7. Simmons
8. Kiner
9. Raines

Coming soon: I hope to do some positional rankings of some current players by how Maranville they are.

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