Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hats off to Andre Dawson

I feel like being topical for once. Instead of writing about Gavvy Cravath or Bob Petit (which will happen soon enough), I'll weigh in on the election of a man called Hawk. Congrats!

Everyone likely remembers Andre Dawson as an Expo or a Cub. But he also spent two years as a Red Sock during the benighted Butch Hobson era. It's interesting looking back at who was passing through in those days. A lot of the "I Can't Believe They Were With Boston At One Point" list. Among others, there were Dawson, Tony Pena, Billy Hatcher, Rob Deer, and Ivan Calderon.

BTW, yesterday I mentioned Rabbit Maranville as the patron saint of this blog. Perhaps it should really be Rod Allen. Appeared in 31 games in his career. 18 were at DH and 4 were in the field. The rest must've been as a pinhhitter or runner.

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