Monday, January 25, 2010

Tuesday's Post- Today!

Tuesday's meeting day, so I wanted to provide some content for the silent deep that hang out here so when they get to work tommorrow they'll have something to take their mind off of work or Haiti or Brett Favre. I was thinking about the best baseball moment I have ever seen live when I did not have an emotional stake in the game; the very essence of a liberated fandom moment. It was probably at this game. I was sitting with the most triumphant Chris Jaffe all game. It was the top of the ninth inning and Jason Larue hit a bomb. 'Twas out of the park, but Jim Edmonds snatched it up. Check out the play by play. The normally cool, calm, and collected Retrosheet scorer got emotional. I was looking for a YouTube clip of this but didn't have any luck. But I know that FOX Sports has shown this catch on one of their shows. A still of the catch is probably in this clip:

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