Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Maranville Moment

Perhaps I should have used Bobby Grich instead of Dwight Evans. If you didn't read the Cistulli post linked in my previous post he said:

A member of the All-Joy Team will probably be:

1. An MLB player whose advanced metrics (i.e. EqA, wOBA, VORP, UZR – really anything that attempts to improve upon AVG, HR, and RBIs) suggest greater production than is commonly perceived.

2. An MLB player whose peripheral numbers (i.e. xFIP, PrOPS, tRA) suggest greater production in near future.

3. Either an MLB part-timer or older (27 and up) minor leaguer whose production suggests probable success in expanded MLB role.

4. A younger (under 27) minor leaguer, but not top prospect, whose minor league numbers suggest success at the MLB level.

5. A player who demonstrates vigorously what Americans, quoting French poorly, call je ne sais quoi.

A crude method of coming up with an all-time team like that would be to look at players who are in the Hall of Merit, but not Hall of Fame. I suppose J.D. Drew is a current player who is on that career track. These guys are an acquired taste. Maranvillains, OTOH, are players who- let's say you go to a game cold, without knowing who anyone was and they weren't wearing uniforms. Maranvillains are the guys you'd say "wow!" about without knowing any of their back story; how they may have started their career slowly, but learned plate discipline and improved their bastting skills under the tutelage of a Walt Hriniak.

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