Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blanda to Erdos - A Quicker Way

Hola. After reading Monday's post, reader Tybalt suggest offline that there's a quicker way to get from George Blanda to Paul Erdos. He suspect a link can be found through Mike Marshall or Dave Meggyesy. Both are athletes of that era who went into academe. Meggyesy (who's worthy of discussion here on his own someday) would probably be a much easier connection. He played football instead of baseball. Unfotunato, I couldn't find a link to Erdos for either. But I did find one five years ago for Frank Ryan. Enjoy.

Tommorrow, I'll recap the best of this blog for the decade. All two months worth. Actually, upcoming topics will hopefully include the fall and rise of the stolen base and the history of the NBA Players' Association (The history of the MLBPA is well documented, but this one really isn't and Bill Simmmons suggested that someone write it up. Why not me?)

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