Friday, December 11, 2009

Liberated Baseball Fandom

My thinking was that liberated fandom meant looking beyond wins and losses and appreciating how players play as well as how good they play. But I had an e-mail exchange with Drew - LtB at Ghostrunner on First and he had another take. This sort of fandom means looking beyond the jersey. In this off and on look at Maranvillains (check the tag), I don't think I've mentioned any Yankees. I could mention the Soupy Sales of baseball, AJ Burnett. Or Nick Swisher, who seems like a character. But a better choice is probably Derek Jeter. He might not be the best defensive shortstop, but he's made plays like this and this over the years.

But Mariano Rivera is a better choice. As Derek wrote to me, "One pitch in his arsenal yet he's nearly unhittable. That he's a Yankee doesn't get in the way of my appreciation. "

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