Monday, December 28, 2009

The One Where The Sitter Loses His Cool

Urban Meyer chose to take only a leave of absence. He should heed his own words and put health and family first. That was a headline at Yahoo Sports on Sunday and it linked to this Dan Wetzel column. Only?

Apparently the Florida head coach announced his retirement, then reversed himself a couple days later. I hate the superquick news cycle. I didn’t even know he was resigning in the first place. Pardon me for celebrating Christmas instead of staying locked into the ####### news. The news is getting as hard to follow as Arrested Development. Miss an episode and you are lost. Am I wrong to get frustrated by things like this?

Meyer Retracts Resignation; Takes Leave Of Absence Instead

8 words. That would have worked. The thing is, 90% of the time I would have already heard about the resignation. But it was a holiday weekend and I was busy celebrating. I like Yahoo Sports for quick info. The page isn't as distractingly busy as ESPN's page. But I may switrch to NBC or CBS instead.

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