Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What Blogs Are My Regular Reads

Crossposted from Primer:

Advanced NFL Stats - More of a look at the game theory of football than a Football Outsidersesque stat site.

Cardboard Gods - Josh Wilker's unique brand of nostalgia. Might be some existentialism involved as well (I was never good at philosophy.)

Driveline Mechanics - Batting and pitching mechanics

Evaluating Baseball Managers - Chris Jaffe's publicity site.

Fangraphs - The WSJ of the sabersphere. They're pretty good at getting transaction news out and other info out, but you'll either love or hate the editorials.

Free Darko
- An offbeat take on the NBA.

Joe Posnanski - This one needs no publicity.

Prolate Spheroid - college football history.

Residual Prolixity - Posts from a Tennessee Titans fan that don't fit his other venues. Only place I know that reviews old books about football.

Sabermetric Research
- Phil Birnbaum's frustration with academics who try to do econometric research about sports without understanding the sports they are researching.

Smart Football - Like Advanced NFL Stats only for the NCAA. Also shows a lot of charts and video of plays. Loves the spread offense.

The Book Blog - Tango and MGL's hangout.

Walk Like A Sabermetrician
- Occasional posts from Patriot; an Ohio based guy.

That's all the sports ones. I really don't follow the blogosphere for much else; except the funny pages.

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