Friday, December 4, 2009

Ryan Zimmerman

Style points. There's something unquantifiable about them. No one keeps track of Fidryches Over Replacement Player or Normalized Excitement Average. However some things are measurable like long home runs. And ESPN has been keeping track of Web Gems this year. Ryan Zimmerman had 19 Web Gems in '09. That's 6 more than any other player. He also led with 61 Web Gem Points. I think they weight Web Gems giving more points for best one of the nite or something The crew at ESPN seem to like plays at the hot corner. Mark Reynolds, Brandon Inge, and David Wright show up on the list as well. Between Zimmerman and Adam Dunn, I wonder if the Nats are the most fun lousy team to watch.

Incidentally, Mark Reynolds scores high here. I know him more for striking out often. Are his strikeouts exciting? Does he swing so hard that he corkscrews into the ground when he whiffs?

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